Cabaret Shows

There are several venues in Pattaya offering fantastic, glamorous cabaret shows, most running two shows a day, and are hugely popular with tourists so are always busy. The shows feature a large number of dancers generally performing many dances in traditional and glamorous outfits to music from around Asia, and sometimes with a little comedy routine thrown in. The shows are always well received and leave the audience feeling uplifted and thoroughly entertained. The main attraction of these shows are the performers, who are extremely glamorous, very well made up and wear exquisite dresses; all of whom are men (also known as lady boys), which the area is very well known for. The most well-known and largest venues are Tiffany's, Alcazar and the Colosseum, although you will find some smaller, but equally good, shows around. If you are in Pattaya a 'lady boy' show is definitely a must see.